K9 Matters Raw Dog Food Shop

Pet food products have evolved, not to meet our pet’s nutritional needs, but rather for our convenience and profitability of the giant multi-national corporations that manufacturer them. Today's multi-billion dollar commercial pet food industry is a profitable outlet for tainted by-products that are graded unfit for human consumption.

Most canned foods and kibble have a high grain and cereal content. These cereal-based carbohydrates are converted directly into sugar by our pet’s digestive system, which is a major contributor to the many problems we see displayed in today’s pets including allergies, diabetes, obesity and behavioural problems.

On the biological clock, our pets remain closely related to their wild carnivorous ancestors who thrived almost exclusively on a diet of raw meat. Their digestive systems and nutritional requirements remain virtually unchanged.

A natural, raw meat diet continues to provide the nutritional foundation that our pets need and deserve!